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At Skynet we not only build telecommunication infrastructure, but also build great careers.  We acquire and nurture the best industry talent and make sure every individual employee reaches their full potential. We are an equal opportunity employer that places primary emphasis on an applicant’s experience, skill, and positive outlook. We believe that by drawing on the combined strengths of our workforce we can better maintain our competitive edge within the industry. If the wireless telecommunication industry inspires you, a sea of opportunities awaits you at Skynet.

Diverse Career

We are the driving force behind strong, diverse and secure connectivity across the internet and communications space, leading with innovation, capitalizing on trends, and committed to consumer information security. .


Diverse Media Platforms

Our company not only focuses on the internet but also builds a diverse media system, including both traditional and emerging media. From television and radio to online platforms and social networks, we are creating a vast space for connection and communication. This helps us expand our influence and create diverse user experiences.


Mission About Connecting People

One of our main goals is to build bridges between people. We not only provide services but also inspiration, information and entertainment. By uniting communities and creating powerful connection platforms, we play an important role in building increasingly diverse and growing digital communities.


Interoperability and Participation

User engagement and engagement is our top priority. We not only provide content but also create interactive experiences that encourage dialogue and interaction between users. This creates a lively and vibrant online environment where people can share opinions, ideas and create memorable memories.

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