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We provide our customers with customized wireless infrastructural solutions that help them meet their project demand.  Our goal is to provide safe, reliable and cost-effective wireless communication infrastructure to our esteemed clients.  Apart from task specific expertise, our field team comes with highly train with certification to create a safe work environment.

The array of our services:


Civil Construction

Our civil team has extensive expertise in electrical, cements/gravels, conduit installation, platform installation, and BTS installation. With their in-depth understanding wireless infrastructure and years of experience, Skynet experts devise dependable solutions that never let you down.


Aerial Construction

Our aerial team specializes in mounting new or existing structural infrastructure with antennas, fiber, electrical lines, and RF equipment installation and testing. Our team’s priority is safety first, with 100% tie off, quick and written strategic rescue plan and evacuation plan.


BTS Engineering

Our engineers specialize in testing and verifying electrical/fibers lines of the BTS installation, electrical/fiber wiring, commissioning, and integrating to the switch wireless operator network. After completion of the project, our team performs data and voice tests to ensure seamless delivery of services.


Construction Management

Our management and leadership have extensive experience in construction, and customer service. With their experience and technical knowhow they manage the whole project and meet the deadlines to ensure customer satisfaction.

Why chose our services

While technical know-how and experience form the basis of our services, we go an extra mile to ensure a safe and happy work environment for our field team.  This combination of expertise, safety and happiness translates into faster production that further leads to customer delight.

What our client say

"Your crew never cease to amaze me. I am shocked that after 4 hours of completing the job you are submitting the closeout. Fantastic job and thanks for sending the team" - Clients.

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